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Microscopic Image 1Microscopic Image 2

I’ve always been very intrigued and have always found beauty by the extremely large and small. From galaxies to microscopic organisms to molecules. An old friend took these photos under a microscope for a biology class. I’ve used these many times for various graphics projects and thought others might also find these images interesting.

Microscopic Image 3

And this last one is my favourite. This is a type of marine life called an Obelia photographed during the “Medusa” stage in its lifetime.

Photo I took of my brother a couple summers back. I felt it came out great on it’s own; un-cropped and un-photoshopped.

My brother and some grass

Did I just invent 2 adjectives in that last sentence?

I saw this car in a parking garage a couple months ago and twittered this photo (sigh.. using the word ‘twit’ in sentences is still painful). I just realized that fail blog actually commented on it through twitpic (again, not comfortable); their reply reads, “Ummm… Catchin’ a ride – fail?”

Any ideas?

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