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Counter-Strike Inspired Flash GameCounter-Strike Inspired Flash Game

Counter-Strike Inspired Flash GameCounter-Strike Inspired Flash Game

I created this while attending Carleton University as a Flash Animation project. It is inspired by the FPS game Counter-Strike but adapted to a simple top view flash game. The graphics were created using actual screen shots from the game Counter-Strike by Valve. The gameplay was programmed and animated using Actionscript 2.0 in Adobe Flash.

One of the biggest challenges was programming everything to be animated relative to the map and not the flash stage. This is because it is not the character that moves during gameplay. The character always remains in the center of the screen and it is the map that is rotated and translated as the game is played.

The assignment? To create an animated self portrait. I tried to be minimalistic about it. I tried to use the smallest number of frames possible while still maintaining a life-like result.

The artwork was drawn in Adobe Illustrator and Imported into Flash for animation.

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