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Here are a collection of images from my obsessive space phase. These were all created from scratch in Photoshop using only built in Photoshop filters and effects.

Web Icons

Here are some more web icons I created during my time working for National Defense as a Webmaster.

Negative Space Type - M.B.Negative Space Type - N.I.

Designed these two logos as a Graphic Design assignment during my studies at Carleton University. The idea was to use a technique called negative space to represent one of the two letters.


After reading a couple tutorials online I discovered how easy it is to make a gas planet from scratch.

  • Start with a large blank canvas in Photoshop.
  • Using the built in Photoshop grass brush, turn on some brush dynamics settings including color dynamics.
  • Paint different colors using the grass brush all over the canvas.
  • Combine these layers and use the motion blur filter at %100.
  • Now use the liquify filter to smudge the paths of color to create a gas effect similar to that of Jupiter.
  • Finally, use the spherize filter to obtain a planet shape. Crop a circular area and place this layer on a star background.


Cell Membrane

Testing with ocean shaders in Maya to create a cell membrane effect. This is very easy to create:

  • Build a number of sphere’s within each other.
  • Apply the default Maya ocean shader.
  • Set desired color and transparency for each sphere.
  • Important! Change the ‘wave size’ ocean shader property to create different animated effects for the texture of each sphere.
  • Add the glow effect to one or all of the spheres.
  • Use Mental Ray to render. Note, turn on reflections and final gather!
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