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This is a website built with WordPress that I am currently working on for local company.

These are some graphics and site templates I recently created for a music project i’ve been putting together. The robots were created in Illustrator and the plaid background was inspired by one of my shirts.

3D style arrows I created for a Flash website I made a while back. They were created in Illustrator.

My new blog design in the works!

DesignCrowd Logo 2DesignCrowd Logo 1

Above are two logo’s I designed as entries for graphic design competitions on If you are a graphic designer looking to add to your portfolio and possibly make some extra income then you definitely check out DesignCrowd.

Web Icons

Here are some more web icons I created during my time working for National Defense as a Webmaster.

Blogfolio WordPress TemplateBlogfolio WordPress Template v2.0

This is the first wordpress theme I created. Version 1.0 (above left) was built off the WordPress Default Theme with a new banner added which I created in Photoshop. Version 2.0 (above right) is a complete redesign of the first while still maintaining the same colorful motion blur graphic.

CFHA Icons

These are some icons I put together for the Canadian Forces Hosuing Agency Employee Corner website. At first glance could you tell the Health and Safety graphic was a bandaid? Is it obvious that the Policy graphic is a clipboard? Ah, the second guessing of a designer; always room to improve something…

CFHA CLF 2.0 External Website

As a webmaster for National Defence I was tasked to convert an agency website to the new Government Common Look and Feel 2.0 standards. It is often difficult to design something when there is such a strict template to follow. I did my best to design something that stands out when compared to other government websites but is also compliant with CLF 2.0 rules.

When coming up for ideas for my interactive multimedia portfolio I began testing with making a semi-transparent web layout. I started with something like this.

This looks alright but its when you start testing with different backgrounds and blending modes in Photoshop you can come up with something that looks very simple and professional yet rich and visually enticing; depending on the background you choose. I chose some Photoshop work I created about a year back during my space art phase.

If you really want to get fancy you could create a switchable background control and let the user choose which they want. Even better… bring a layout like this from Photoshop into Flash and use an animated background while still retaining the layer blending modes from Photoshop. I love Adobe CS4!

Here are a couple pictures of a website I designed years ago for a local Ottawa band. The band is no longer together so the website is no longer in use.


The trick here is excessive Photoshop brushes and suicidal shades of red. Not to be dramatic or anything.

Between the Broken band website

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