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This is a 3D experiment I modelled and rendered in Maya. I started with a sphere and extruded a number of its faces. I twisted those extruded faces to get the basic shape. I used an ocean shader with transparency for the tentacles and experimented with different lighting and render settings in Mental Ray.

I created this 3D DNA molecule for a 3D modelling assignment in University. What was really interesting about it was that in order to create the exact structure of a DNA stran I imported molecular data from the RCSB Protein Data Bank. I brought this data into Maya to plot the point and converted those points to renderable shapes.

I created these 3D models for a 3D animation project in University. The texture was created using the hypershade editor in Maya. The yellow and blue glowing textures are animated.

When working on a 3D animation project while attending Carleton University I created this nuclear war style earth model. I started with a sphere and used the sculpt geometry tool to add a bumpy terrain. I used a night time texture of the earth and added city lights in Photoshop. There is some smoke in the third image that I created particle effects and the hydershade editor for the material.

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